Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif Painting by Dhaval Khatri

    Dhaval Khatri brings here another unique work for us. One of the best portrait of Katrina Kaif. Bollywood superstar actress Katrina Kaif also one of the best actress of Dhaval. Mr. unique artist makes a lot of Portraits for Bollywood Stars.

    Location:- Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
    Date:- 22nd March 2015

    Best Motivational video for Inspire in world (Dhaval Khatri)

    Here is Motivational video by Famous painting artist Dhaval Khatri in the world. Dhaval always try to new like some unique and different. This style make him be unique that\'s because people know Dhaval as Mr. unique artist



    Location:- Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
    Date:- 18th April 2015

    Best Dance ever with Full Entertainment perform of Dhaval Khatri

    This is fully entertainment dance with positive energy perform of DhavaL Khatri. Mr. unique artist painting with dance to amazing and join pratibha & team. All team & specially Sachin to happy b\'cz dance with Dhaval Khatri.


    Location:- Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
    Date:- 29th January 2014

    Dhaval khatri (Mr. unique artist) live stage (fast speed) painting at Rajsthan

    Dhaval Khatri this time really unique style live stage painting at Jodhpur in \"Rajsthan\" - 2013.
    This time put a dance on his live painting perform.
    So peoples amd his fans called dhaval \" Mr. unique artist\".

    Location:- Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
    Date:- 20th January 2013

    Dhaval khatri at doordarshan-2011

    Dhaval Khatri - a unique artist. Interview on doordarshan (DD GIRNAR).He says all full
    story-life. His Motivation speech and Inspire all of people.Motivational video of dhaval khatri.

    Location:- Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
    Date:- 1st April 2012

    Dhaval Khatri Dabangg style perform as his favorite actor Salman Khan live painting perform

    Dhaval Khatri is really good live painting artist but here is superb performance as like his favorite actor Salman Khan.He doing dance during painting and really unique moves as well as he known.

    Location:- Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
    Date:- 27th August 2014

    dhaval khatri journey with talent

    Dhaval khatri\'s this video really inspire for us.His life is very
    difficult from the starting of Born.He is never give up.He always do something new and 
    Challenger work.His journey is very creative. He always think positive.


    Date:- 24th May 2012

    Dhaval khatri performas on 1st march 2012 Veer Narmad South Gujarat University at surat.

    Dhaval khatri performas on 1st march 2012 Veer Narmad South Gujarat University at surat.
    Its awesome painting within a 5 mnt on song of Deva shree ganesha \"AGNEEPATH\".

    Location:- Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
    Date:- 11th March 2012

    Dhaval Khatri with Bhojpuri superstar Dineshlal Yadav(Nirahua)

    I was very glad and proud moment for me that day because i got chance to meet Bhojpuri superstar Mr. Dineshlal yadav (Nirahua) also with my superstar My Dad.Thank you much Nirahua sir and really you are superstar in reel life also in real life.

    Date:- 11th June 2014

    Fast speed & dancing with painting & Entertaining perform of Dhaval Khatri

    Dhaval Khatri (Mr. unique artist) really great perform with lots of Entertaining with Dance.
    All Prerna team so happy with this perform and enjoy all.Its very great dance and Ganesha painting at \"Prerna\", Vadodara, Gujarat.

    Date:- 20th January 2014

    Best Motivational video of Mr. unique artist(Dhaval Khatri) Inspirational video

    World\\\'s best motivational video and one of the famous video.
    here is Mr. unique artist (Dhaval Khatri) life\\\'s best video who give such a inspire us and never miss this best motivational video in the world.

    Date:- 17th May 2014

    I met Dr. Abdul Kalam

    I got a chance to meet Mr. Kalam last week. It was a memorable day for me.
    I was asked to create a sketch of Mr. Kalam. I did the same but the great person has policy of not accepting any gift, still very humbly he met me and gave his autograph on his sketch and gave it back to me....
    He really created a moment of my life.
    Thanks Kalam Sir!!!!

    Date:- 17th November 2011

    Legendery Cricketer Sachin Tendulker Making painting by Dhaval khatri(Mr. unique artst)

    Here you can see a painting of Indian cricket Team- Legendary cricketer Mr. Sachin Tendulker portrait painting by Dhaval khatri. Dhaval make a lot of paintings, also Bollywood portraits & many more.Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Katrina

    Date:- 12th November 2014

    Nadaan Parinde painting perform of Dhaval

    Live stage painting by dhaval khatri a unique artist. Perform 31 December at M.S. University,Vadodara.

    Date:- 16th February 2012

    Oil on canvas painting by Dhaval khatri - Natural snow painting in 2010

    Oil on Canvas painting by Dhaval Khatri.This painting create in 2010.
    A really painting style of Mr. unique artist (Dhaval khatri).

    Date:- 4th October 2013